Los Placeres de Lola Entrenador suelo pélvico Intimichic



A totally shape pelvic floor

With age, with certain movements and exercises, such as running and jumping, as well as births and other pressures to which we submit, the pelvic floor ends up weakening, which brings consequences such as varying degrees urinary incontinence, prolapse that may require surgical interventions and so on. Therefore it is very important to maintain this area tone. For this, there are numerous tools in the market.Today we bring you this kit that is smaller than other strengthening tools and offers you the possibility to increase weights and make more efficient exercises.

With this Intimichic complete kit you will be able to train your pelvic floor. It is a kit with up to five different weights so that you can work gradually correcting or preventing the possible pelvic floor lack of tonicity.

Its a soft silicone sheath with a 15 gr weight. It comes with four steel balls covered with silicone to be introduced into the sheath as you exercise your pelvic floor: 5, 10, 20 and 35 grams.

The process can last between one and four months, working daily for 15 to 20 minutes. First use only the sheath, always standing and moving (we recommend that you do the exercises at home because the sheath can go down and be very annoying if you cannot remove it), repeat daily until it is sustained without discomfort inside the vagina. Then insert the lighter ball into the sheath and repeat the process, and so on until you have worked out with all of them. Then you can take a break and reuse your kit whenever you need it.

It is soft silicone coated, hypoallergenic and without pore, very easy to clean.


Data sheet

silicone and metal inside each ball
Intimichic Pelvis Health I weight 15 gr; ball diameter 10 mm weight 5 gr; ball diameter 15 mm weight 10 gr; ball diameter 18 mm weight 20 gr; ball diameter 22 mm weight 35 gr

Entrena fácilmente en casa

Tiene una textura muy suave y es muy fácil de utilizar

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