Los Placeres de Lola dilatadores  Vuvateach



A very beneficial kit

These are dilators with a very special feature: each one has six neodymium magnets inside, helping to increase blood flow, thus helping to decrease pain during sexual intercourse.

According to studies carried out by its manufacturer, Vuvatech, more than 80% of dilators women users have seen pain decrease. And around an average of 30% have also seen anxiety reduced before relationships with penetration after using them.

It works thanks to its relaxing effect on muscles and ligaments. By relaxing the muscles these magnets stimulate blood flow to the pain points, reducing and calming the nerves.

Each Vuvatech dilator can be used between one and two times a day. Start by lubricating your dilator as well as the vagina entrance, lie down comfortably and gently insert the narrowest side of the dilator, leaving the widest part outside to be able to hold it. The dilator may be pushed out by the vaginal muscles. In this case, keep it in place with your hand. Do this exercise for 20 to 30 minutes. You can go to the next level in days or weeks, depending on the state of your muscles.

Vuvatech dilators are made of medical grade plastic and neodymium magnets. They are hypoallergenic, pore-free and very easy to clean with mild soap and water, drying with a clean towel.

This kit has five different size dilators to gradually dilate effectively.


Data sheet

medical grade plastic y neodymium magneticy neodimio magnético
1: 7 cm x 1,27 cm; 2: 9 cm x 1,90 cm; 3: 11,43 cm x 2,5 cm; 4: 14 cm x 3,20 cm; 5: 15,8 cm x 3,80 cm
Made in


Me lo recomendó mi fisioterapeuta y estoy muy contenta, he notado los bebficios y el cambio rápidamente. Aunque el númoer 1 y 2 son muy pequeños para mí.

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