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Brand new and effective method

Since a few years ago, we have witnessed an increase interest in strengthening our pelvic floor. So, being aware of the importance of this for our sexual health, the tools to strengthen it have become world famous, among them and with greater strength the smart balls.

Well, now comes the Yoba brand and revolutionizes this world with its pelvic floor toning kit. It has three balls, each with a different shape. The first ball to use is the one that widens in the center, because it is the easiest to hold, since its shape clings to the vaginal walls, even if they were more dilated. Also it is the lower in weight (29 g). The following to use would be the next one in thickness, whose weight is 40 g, and finally the thinnest with a weight of 48 g.

In addition, this kit incorporates a novel system to know if we are doing the exercises well. Sometimes we try to tone the pelvic floor but we do not do it well. The pelvic floor muscles are great unknown and we must learn to know how to contract them, since by disuse we often contract others. For this reason, this kit incorporates a probe with two balls; one at the far end to pull it, and another in its middle. This last little ball goes to the outer lips where we can clearly see it. Lying we introduce the ball and this second ball will be in the entrance of the vagina. When making the movement of contracting the pelvic floor, the probe, which is previously bent forward, should extend downwards, in this way we will know that we are doing the exercise well.

The kit explain a table of exercises to perform with each ball to strengthen safely.

The balls are made of hypoallergenic silicone, very subtle and without pores.


Data sheet

three smart balls of 3 cm; 2,8 cm y 2,5 cm of diameter
three smart ball of 29 g, 40 g and 48 g


Son fáciles de utilizar, y además viene una guía explicativa con instrucciones para usaras. Lo único que echo en falta es una bolsita para guardarls


buenas para empezar

Me ha gustado mucho el mecanismo del saliente para comprobar que se hacen bien los ejercicios, creo que es muy útil para las que estamos empezando

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