Los Placeres de Lola was born a few years ago in the mind of one of the partners. The project grew in strength and passion, joined by 2 more women who shared the same vision of female sexuality. Here started the adventure with a name, La Lola.

What we reflected on, before this project with exotic woman waves, is that if our sexuality is assumed and we consume sex toys, why should we buy them in uncomfortable situations? what do men think when I enter a traditional sex shop, with all those eyes watching me eagerly as they leave the booth where they had just watched a porn movie. They think that if I am there buying toys to experiment with my sexuality is because I am a "horny woman seeking a penis to make me enjoy" So we said, enough!, We enter a place we consider OUR place, with music from around the world, holding some hot coffee in our hand, with books about our pleasure, with women who can understand what I need. In short, we enter Los Placeres de Lola.

Besides this, Los Placeres de Lola is a company with a philosophy that makes sense. We believe in feminism and women's networks as a pillar of support. We are three women who only work with women and sell to women. And this is what sets us apart from everything else.

We design our space for beauty and pleasure of the senses, so all items can be touched, smeledl, bitten ... teas and coffees are brought from distant places to delight you palate with natural flavors ... and because art is a powerful stimulant we host exhibitions of paintings, photography, sculpture, films, performances made by women with a single requirement, they have to revolve around erotism.

Here we do not judge anyone or question what "normal" sexual tendencies are. Quite the opposite, what would fill us with satisfaction is to see sitting at a table at our Lola Cafe / Cocktail a Mistress conversing with a sexually traditional woman in her fifties, about the benefits of using scented candles.

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