Silicone rubber is the perfect choice for the manufacture of dildos. Its a nonporous surface with a natural and velvety feel. Its temperature quickly adapts to your body and it's easily cleaned, Only 3 minutes in boiling water, or even in the dishwasher! Silicone also transmits vibrations very effectively. The base is designed to adapt a toy with vibration (a vibrating ring) and enrich yours or your partner's sensations.

Handled with care, silicone dildos are very durable and can last for years, but if you damage the surface, it might start to tear. Protect it from teeth, nails, jewelry and curious pets! Be careful when selecting the lubricant as recent studies have shown that a silicone based lubricant reacts negatively with your toy.

In addition, you will find in our catalog a review with the technical description.

Note: the colors may not match those of the picture as handmade dildos may vary.

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