My partner and I want to get started with erotic toys, what do you recommend?

Oops! It would be impossible to choose just one thing! It also depends if you want cosmetics, erotic board games or toys.

In cosmetic products you can find many to spend hours playing and having fun. The are oils of all flavors and odors, and they'll create different feelings that will change your body perceptions.

In games you will go through tests that will increase the temperature instantly! They are games that you can play for days!

With vibration toys you will reach new sensations. Being with friends or the first time, I recommend toys of a smaller size and weight, in order to manage them better. For example, Mimi and Layaspot massagers are ideal to stimulate the genital area of ??both women and men. It can be applied to the perineum, clitoris, anus (never insert it, it has no base), entrance to the vagina, and to perform a vibrant massage.

With double vibrators, you can introduce one end into your vagina while the other rests on your clitoris. Your partner can slightly sit on the other end, thus stimulating their clitoris or perineum.

You can also introduce a harness on your games, gaining greater number of possibilities for your enjoyment.

In dildos you can enjoy a wide range of possibilities. For example, if you like anal or want to get started, it's fun that you do it both. Each with his / her plug to experience anal sex at the same time and as a couple.

I'm pregnant, can I use lubricant?

Yes pregnancy is compatible with vaginal penetration. We recommend using water based lubricants, in these cases we advise against stronger lubricant-like stimulants, because the vaginal flora may be more sensitive to changes and cause some kind of infection facilitating the appearance of fungi. So there is no problem but avoid risks using only water-based lubricants (eg water lubricant yes).

Can you use olive oil as a lubricant?

Olive oil and sesame are the best, but keep one very important thing in mind, oil can cause latex condom or diaphragm to weaken and break.

I have a very sensitive Ph and all the lubricants I have used alter it and cause irritation and discomfort.

When vaginal pH is particularly sensitive you must be very careful with the lubricants you use and if you apply some oil or balm during foreplay be very careful that they do not penetrate into the vagina.

Our recommendation is that you use the most natural products possible and pay attention so they don't contain glycerin, which, among other components, is responsible for the alteration of the Ph.

In Los Placeres de Lola we offer several options:

-Yes water-based.

-Yes oil-based.

-Liquid Silk.

Where do RFSU condoms come from?

RFSU, Swedish Association for Sexuality Education is a nonprofit organization founded in 1933 by a woman with great ideas and provocative methods to accomplish them. Her name was Elise Ottesen-Jensen. In the 30s, Swedish families were numerous and pregnancies were seen as a constant threat for many women. This happened when it was a crime to inform about contraception. But Elise Ottesen-Jensen had a dream, that all children born are welcome, all men and women equal and sexuality an expression of intimacy, pleasure and love.

RFSU became a powerful movement, disseminating information and running their clinics. The money needed for these processes was obtained from the sale of condoms. Today, the profits generated by the sale of condoms still are invested on family planning, sexuality, combating sexually transmitted diseases and birth control counseling. RFSU also works internationally with family planning organizations, sharing knowledge and experience.

What do I do with my toy if I have fungi?

If your toy is porous (jelly, latex), you should put a condom in order to reuse it because those pores absorb fluids and can harbor bacteria. If you have a silicone toy you will have no problem. There is no need to boil it, soap and water will suffice. silicone does not absorb any fluid.

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